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Getting Ready… Office Decluttering Case Study

Offices like homes need periodic decluttering and re-organizing. It is especially important to do a round or 2 or more of office decluttering if your company will be moving in the near future. After all, why pay to move old computers and office supplies that you no longer use. This was exactly the situation my client was facing. His real estate company was subletting their space and would be moving into their own office in about a year and a half. So, it was the perfect time to start the office decluttering process.


While my client had ample office space, responsibility for maintaining and managing the common areas wasn’t assigned to specific staff. Hence, the mail and delivery boxes would pile up, old and broken computers were stashed in the supply room, former employee’s desks were abandoned with all the contents intact, and outdated marketing materials were taking up valuable shelf space. In addition, while most of the staff were paperless or mostly paperless, there were a few that were paper people. Hence, the file cabinets contained no longer needed documents or documents to archive.


During a 4-day office decluttering blitz, we sorted/purged items in the kitchen, supply room and other common areas. In addition, organizing guidance was provided as each staff member spent time decluttering their own workspace. Five hampers of trash and recycling were collected and removed creating a more productive, professional work environment.  The office and kitchen supplies were streamlined, the old computer equipment was sent out to be wiped and recycled, the paperwork in 5 file cabinets was recycled and the remaining financial documents were archived. Lastly, specific procedures were established for distributing the mail, opening delivery cartons, and managing the kitchen and other common areas so that the space would stay organized. While another decluttering pass would be needed right before their move, there wasn’t any question that they would be ready for the move.


“Stephanie Shalofsky is the Guru of Organization and the Goddess of Decluttering. I can’t recommend her inspiring services with any greater enthusiasm.” -Office Manager

If your company has a move in its future, check out this moving checklist. If you need a specific tips, please reach out.

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