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Getting Organized With Everyone Home

Getting organized under the best of circumstances can be challenging. When working from home with the rest of your family also home, it can be even more of an issue. There are some simple strategies that will go a long way to keeping your space organized that all members of your family can follow. Learning to stay organized is a valuable skill. It’s one that everyone can learn and is an especially beneficial lesson for children. Here are some strategies from your NYC Professional Office Organizer which will eliminate the clutter and be a win-win.

Communicate. If you aren’t talking with your family about the organizing struggles present in your home and trying to go it alone, you will get frustrated by the situation and nothing will be resolved. A more effective approach would be to have a conversation focused on the benefits of keeping your space more organized. Be specific and give examples that are relevant to each family member. 

Set an example. Just like when you are managing a team at work, you should lead by example.

If you are currently working from the dining room table and sharing the space with your children or partner, be sure to clear your work area at the end of each day. Tossing notes that aren’t needed, opening the mail and filing it accordingly, and setting up your space for the next morning.

Collaborate. Work together to set up the supply storage space. This way everyone will have a feeling of ownership. Identify those items that need to be stored. Group them by type or usage and assign them a spot on the shelf or in a container. If there are certain supplies that will be used by your children, be sure that they are in an easy to access location. This will make it easier for your children to get onboard with getting organized.

Help habits form.  New habits need to form in order for your space to stay organized.  Keep this in mind and be sure to review the new procedures that you and your family have agreed to follow. Having a reward system in place will make the process of the habits becoming part of daily routine easier. This is especially true if your children are involved.

Keeping your home organized especially during these stay at home days can definitely be a challenge. By applying these organizing strategies, you’ll be on your way to an organized space in no time. For more hands-on support for getting organized, reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer today.

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