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Working from Home? 8 Tips to Clear Home Office Clutter

With most of us still hunkered down and working from home, we need home office organizing strategies. Whether we are working at the kitchen table or have a home office space that is too cluttered to use effectively, it’s time to clear the clutter. If we invest a little time in this task, we can enjoy the benefits for the remainder of this crisis and well beyond it. Here are some of this NYC Professional Office Organizer’s suggestions for tackling the clutter.

Create a simple plan.   Identify the tasks to be done and prioritize them. Then schedule time to work on them daily (preferably at the same time of day) in 30-45 minute chunks.

Be systematic. Work your way across or around your workspace in an orderly manner. By doing this, you’ll see the results of your decluttering which will be movtivating.

Clear your workspace. Whether it’s the piles of mail or delivery boxes that are surrounding you, sort through them and remove them. The collection of stuff not only takes up valuable space but is also distracting.

Collect items that belong elsewhere. If your home office has its own room or shares a room, chances are that items that belong in other parts of your home are creating part of the clutter. Do a pass through the space, collecting all these items and at the end of the pass return them to their rightful places.

Get rid of items that you don’t use. As space is valuable even in larger home offices, you don’t want to give it up to store electronics and computer equipment that are no longer used or broken. Recycle, donate or discard as appropriate.

Assign a home to all items.  I frequently hear from clients that a lot of the clutter on their desks is a result of not knowing where to put specific items. One way to greatly reduce the amount of clutter that collects is to assign a specific home for all the items in your home office space.

Label everything. If your home office is in a shared space, the easiest way to keep it organized and clutter free is by labeling folders, storage bins, and containers. If everyone knows where every item is stored, it’ll be easier to keep your space clutter free

Maintain the space. Piles have a way of sprouting up around us and multiplying fast. Especially while working from home these days, taking a few minutes at the end of each to clear your workspace will keep the clutter at bay.

With these home office organizing strategies for addressing the clutter in your space, you’ll have a more effective workspace and be more productive! For more hands-on support and organizing strategies, reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer today.

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