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Give the Gift of Organization: Closet Stuffer Favorites from Your NYC Professional Organizer!

Closets are clutter magnets. It’s so easy to throw stuff in there, and then shut the door. See 03-00-768x461  — no more clutter! Well, Your NYC Professional Organizer knows, and you know too, that the clutter doesn’t just vanish when the closet door is closed. Spring cleaning will be here before you know it, so now is a great time to give or ask for gifts that will help you organize your secret closet clutter and keep it organized. This is one of our top home organizing tips for the holiday season.

Shelves are important. If your closet doesn’t have shelves, you should seriously consider getting some. Luckily, Closet Maid as a wide variety of wire rack storage systems in many sizes with mounting hardware and a range of accessories. One of our essential home organizing tips for closest is to put some thought into organizing what goes on those shelves, or your piles will simply move from the floor to the ceiling. Clear plastic storage bins are a great way to go and are easily available in a huge range of sizes and shapes at your Target store. These bins come with lids and they stack, so you can make the most of the shelf space that you have. Metal shelf dividers are another great way to go, especially if you have to stack soft items that you use and replace frequently on an open shelf, such as sweaters, blankets, or linens. They are available online at

Getting the shoe situation under control can be a big deal for a lot of folks. Fortunately, our NYC Professional Organizer has found many options to store them neatly. There are standing floor shoe racks in various sizes and materials, hanging cloth cubby racks, hanging door racks, and even boot hangers that clip onto the leg of your boot, with a hook that goes on a regular closet rod. You can find these at Another great gift idea for someone who travels is a folding luggage rack. It’s so nice not to have to put a dirty piece of luggage on your bed to pack and unpack. And for the guy who has everything, there is the Rotating Tie Rack with Battery Powered Light. Both of these items are available at

The space under one’s bed is the perfect place to store seasonal items and making the most of this often forgotten space is one of our top home organizing tips for city dwellers. At, you’ll find an amazing assortment of under bed storage containers, both soft and hard. They have under bed shoe storage, vacuum cubes (where you vacuum out the air to compress the items and shrink their size), as well as under bed storage containers for holiday wrapping paper (remember the rolls of paper and ribbon you bought at your child’s school fundraiser?), and holiday decorations as well. Putting these and other seasonal items (winter sweaters, summer sun dresses) under the bed will protect them as well as make space in your closet for all the gifts you are about to receive this holiday season!

Did any organizing products make it onto your holiday wish list? Let us know which ones you’re wishing for in the comments below!

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