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How to Achieve Organizing Goals?

It’s not only spring but Earth Day is also this week. This is the perfect opportunity to shed the clutter that has collected in your office and home over the past year. If you are onboard with getting this done, make this your organizing goal and get started. How to achieve organizing goals is the… Continue Reading »

Home School Pods Need Organizing Too – Case Study

Just like you, your kids need an effective and efficient space for schoolwork especially if they are doing remote learning. As I tell clients when discussing their home offices, they should have a dedicated workspace with all the essential supplies, materials, and tools readily accessible. The same is true for children. I recently worked with… Continue Reading »

Give the Gift of Organization! Soaking in the Scents of the Season!

Your NYC Professional Organizer lives to create order out of chaos.  Whether it is organizing an office, a move, or the extension cords under your desk, your NYC Professional Organizer is here to inspire and help you and all my clients and readers to a clutter-free, stress-free existence.  But even I know that one cannot… Continue Reading »

Give the Gift of Organization: Closet Stuffer Favorites from Your NYC Professional Organizer!

Closets are clutter magnets. It’s so easy to throw stuff in there, and then shut the door. See   — no more clutter! Well, Your NYC Professional Organizer knows, and you know too, that the clutter doesn’t just vanish when the closet door is closed. Spring cleaning will be here before you know it, so… Continue Reading »

NYC Professional Organizer Strategies for Surviving the Actual Move

It‘s the final week before the movers arrive. You’ve organized, purged, and prepared for  the inevitable upheaval that moving brings. Your NYC Professional Organizer says that now is the time to prepare your “Survival Kit.” These are the items that you will take with you, rather than putting on the moving truck, to ease your… Continue Reading »

NYC Professional Organizer Gets Organized at Home

As a Professional Organizer in NYC, there isn’t always time during each week to do everything that I want to or should do.  However, I have learned that when it comes to organizing my home, I need to practice what I preach.  Even during the summer when it is very tempting to slack off and… Continue Reading »