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Home Office Organizing in a NYC Apartment

When my client, who is the CEO of a skincare startup, needed office space for her company, she opted to use the guest bedroom in her apartment for the short term rather than leasing office space. We began this NYC home office organizing project by discussing her vision for the space and how it would be utilized on a daily basis. We then quickly segued to the tasks that would need to be done to effectively convert the space into a productive and professional work environment.

At the top of the list for this home office organizing project was a round of cleaning out and sorting to identify those items that could be donated, discarded or relocated to another part of this NYC apartment. Out went boxes of books, excess luggage and the bed. Once the space was mostly cleared, it was apparent that the room could easily accommodate my client’s three-person staff and the necessary furniture. As a result, the bedroom was transformed into an uncluttered office with three desks, an all-in-one printer and a bookcase. We were able to not only maximize the space but create an office that supported the company’s culture.

In addition to creating office space, storage was needed for all those essential small office supplies, such as pens, tape, staples, notepads, padded shipping envelopes and K-cups for the coffee machine. As these items needed to be in close proximity to the office, I relocated all the household items and groceries from a large pantry closet adjacent to the office so that it could serve predominantly as storage for the company’s supplies.

Below is an overview of this NYC home office organizing project:

Bedroom/Pantry Before:

  • Room served as a guest bedroom
  • Memorabilia and books were stored in this room
  • Provided temporary storage for luggage and shipping supplies
  • Surplus groceries, household supplies and skincare samples were stored in the pantry

Bedroom/Pantry After:

  • Removed all the furniture except for the bookcase
  • Created three workspaces that are both productive and conducive to collaborating
  • Designated a space for all essential office equipment
  • Dedicated 90% of pantry for office supply storage

Client Reaction:
The Organizing Zone has made themselves indispensible to my firm. Stephanie tackles all projects with calmness and timeliness and executes them seamlessly and within budget.
-CEO, Skincare Company

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