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5 Creative Suggestions for Effective Home Office Organizing

Even though many parts of the country are well on the way to re-opening, many companies are delaying the return of their staff to the office or possibly even having their staff work from home indefinitely. Many of those who will continue working from home didn’t have home offices or workspaces in the first place…. Continue Reading »

Working from Home? 8 Tips to Clear Home Office Clutter

With most of us still hunkered down and working from home, we need home office organizing strategies. Whether we are working at the kitchen table or have a home office space that is too cluttered to use effectively, it’s time to clear the clutter. If we invest a little time in this task, we can… Continue Reading »

My Strategies for Staying Productive in my Home Office

Sitting transfixed in front of your laptop for extended periods of time is just not healthy and isn’t good for our productivity. This is even more of an issue during the pandemic. We’re all working from home and in many cases our normal office routines are on pause. Hence, we are bouncing from one Zoom… Continue Reading »

Misconceptions of Working with a NYC Professional Organizer: Part 2

Welcome to part two of our “Misconceptions of Working with a NYC Professional Organizer” series (see Part 1 here), where we’ll continue sharing the last four of the top eight misconceptions of working with a NYC Professional Organizer. Once you’ve made it through these final four misconceptions, we trust your anxiety will be eased and… Continue Reading »