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Home Organizing Tips to Beat the Clutter from the Professional Organizer in NYC


organized shelvesYou’ve probably noticed this around your home: there tend to be areas that seem to attract clutter. We call those areas Combat Zones. You know that organizing these areas of your home needs to become a priority, but where do you start? How can you take control, get organized, and stay organized?

That’s where your Professional Organizer in NYC comes in. Here are some home organizing tips to tackle two key Combat Zones in your home… bookshelves and your incoming mail.

First, let’s take a look at the bookshelves in your home. Not only can overstuffed bookshelves become an eyesore, but it can be a difficult combat zone to tackle due the connection we all have with our well-loved books. Getting rid of any book seems impossible – what if you want to read it again someday? It’s important to not get stuck in the trap of feeling like you must keep every book you’ve ever owned. Though books are an important part of our lives, they don’t need to have control over your home and your shelves! To begin to organize your bookshelves, you need to start first by clearing off the entire shelf. When you look at a blank canvas, like an empty bookshelf, it’s easier to imagine the possibilities! You can also identify how much space you truly have to work with. For more tips on how to beat the bookshelf clutter, click here.

mailNext, let’s talk about the mail coming into your home. Bills, catalogs, magazines, junk mail… it adds up quickly. Without a clear system in place to manage your mail, you’ll end up with another overwhelming combat zone that. So what can you do? One home organizing tip for managing incoming mail is to set a specific time each day to sort through and file each piece. The specific timeframe you choose doesn’t matter, it just needs to work for you and you need to be consistent. By sorting through your mail daily, you’ll prevent an unnecessary pile up and you won’t lose any important mail or miss payment due dates. For more times on organizing your incoming mail, read here.

Home organizing can be stress free when you implement these home organizing tips from this Professional Organizer in NYC. Take back control of your home today!

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