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How has your life changed…. COVID 1 year later

It’s difficult to believe that it has been just about year since New York as well as other states went into lockdown due to COVID. How has your life changed? I can clearly remember sitting in our local diner a year ago having dinner. We were still eating out frequently even though restaurants were less crowded as many people were starting to be more cautious. There were diners at only 2 other tables that night. As the news headlines played on the television, my husband and I started questioning our actions. We ultimately decided that our regular routine of going out to eat should be immediately put on hold. This was the beginning of many changes that we would make. Here’s how our lives have changed over the past year.

1. My work/life balance is more in balance than ever before as my time is more equally divided between work and the business of life.

2. We walk tens of thousands of steps each week and have both worn out 2 pairs of sneakers and 1 pair of slippers.

3. I have been offering virtual services since last spring and work with clients to re-organize their digital filing systems and home offices virtually.

4. I now work out a weekly meal plan and typically cook as much as possible over the weekends. My new favorite recipes are Ina Garten’s Italian wedding soup and short ribs.

5. We have used this time to forge an even closer relationship with our core group of friends. The bonds are even tighter due to Zoom meetings every 2-3 weeks.

6. This was the perfect opportunity to finally learn how to knit which was something that I’ve wanted to learn to do for the past 5 years. I’ve made 3 scarves, 2 hats and 2 shawls so far!

Even as life moves to the new normal, we will continue to do all of these. As we have greater freedom to be out and about, we will adapt accordingly. How has your life changed?  Reach out and share.

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