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How the Lockdown Helped Prepare Us

Both my husband and I were working from home during the lockdown. We developed good workday routines, each had our own workspace and had the benefit of company during breaks. I did miss having Jay home once he returned to the office in early June.

As happens, circumstances allowed for Jay to accelerate his plans for retiring and his last day of work was July 31. So, he’s now home full time….  While I never thought that I would be thankful to COVID for anything, it did prepare us as we start this new chapter. I’m still working as a NYC Professional Office Organizer while he is transitioning from feeling like he’s on vacation to creating a new daily routine. So how did the lockdown help prepare us?

1. We each have continued to have our own daily routines.  Mine includes getting to my desk at 8:30 or 9 for a networking meeting or to just tackle the first task on my to-do list. He’s out the door at 8:30 for his daily run or walk.

2. We still check in with each concerning our daily schedules. This way there aren’t any interruptions when I’m on Zoom or need to record my weekly videos.

3. We have resumed scheduling mid-day walks which force me to get away from my desk. This not only helps me re-energize but also to get an ice tea…an afternoon caffeine boost is always a good thing.

4. We immediately bought a folding computer desk for Jay to setup whenever needed. As a home office organizer, I knew working at our dining table was no longer going to be a suitable solution.

5. We gathered frequently used office supplies and placed some in a drawer near the desk and the rest in a container stored close by. This way I no longer have to look for my stapler and other key supplies.

We have successfully applied our routines from the lockdown to this next chapter.  How has the lockdown helped prepare you for life as we now know it?  Reach out to this NYC Professional Home Office Organizer today to share your comments.

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