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How to Clear Clutter

With the new year on the horizon, getting organized will be on many people’s radar. This will start with clearing the clutter that collected over the busy holiday season. However, it should go way beyond the gifts to be returned and holiday decorations to stow away. Focusing on digital clutter and mental clutter will also help set you up to start the new year on the right foot. Here are 3 articles regarding how to clear clutter.

Physical Clutter

The clutter that I see when meeting with home office clients may be the result of indecision, procrastination or overwhelm… sometimes a combination of all 3. The result is an unprofessional, unproductive and ineffective workspace.  The good news….my clients learn how to prevent clutter from collecting. Here’s how.

Digital Clutter

Keep it Simple. Make it Intuitive. Be Consistent. This is what I tell my clients when discussing how to conquer digital clutter with them. Computers like our desks get cluttered. You may have a desktop screen that is covered with document icons. Or you may have hundreds of unfiled documents in the documents folder. Conquer the digital clutter and navigate through your filing system much faster. Here are some tips.

Mental Clutter

Very much like physical clutter, we need a process for clearing the mental clutter. Busy lives result in brain overload. So much to keep track of…I know that I think of tasks faster than I can act on them…how about you?  Here are 4 tips for periodically clearing mental clutter.  

I hope that these articles on how to clear clutter help you get started. What area are you going to focus on? Please share below or reach out to me.

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