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Tips for Saving Valuable Space in Your Workplace

Growing and maintaining a business is an incredible experience, but keeping up with the workspace can be daunting for many business owners. No matter the size of your company, you need a suitable office space to enhance your productivity. Even though it’s easy to let clutter pile up around your workspace, you should do everything… Continue Reading »

Why are You Stuck and Unable to Clear Clutter?

You have a vision of what your decluttered, organized workspace would look like. All the surfaces are clear. Those essential items that you use daily have a designated spot on your desk. The remaining less frequently used items have a home out of sight that makes sense to you. The problem…. You are focused on… Continue Reading »

Making Your Getting Organized Resolution a Reality

Do you like to start the year off on a positive foot by enthusiastically stating your resolutions just as the new year begins? Are you also like many…throwing in the towel well before you are anywhere near achieving your goal? As getting organized typically ranks in the top resolutions each year, this issue is top… Continue Reading »

Working with a Personal Trainer for Clutter

It was recently suggested that working with me to declutter your workspace would be like hiring a personal trainer to get in better shape. Having worked with personal trainers over the years, I realized that this is very true. In both cases, the client has a specific goal and needs the guidance of an individual… Continue Reading »

Decluttering Your Routines is Also Essential

When you’re focused on office decluttering, you typically think of the piles of paper, used coffee cups and unopened mail. Yes, all this should be addressed as you’re clearing the desktop and surrounding areas. However, there is one other aspect of daily work life that should be included and that is decluttering your routines. Routines… Continue Reading »

How to Clear Clutter

With the new year on the horizon, getting organized will be on many people’s radar. This will start with clearing the clutter that collected over the busy holiday season. However, it should go way beyond the gifts to be returned and holiday decorations to stow away. Focusing on digital clutter and mental clutter will also… Continue Reading »