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How to Enjoy a Clutter Free Bathroom


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe bathroom in your home can be a very busy place. It’s used for a variety of grooming tasks, and often needs to be shared with multiple people. Unfortunately, most bathrooms are fairly small and don’t come equipped with adequate storage. Thus the clutter begins to pile up!

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can turn your bathroom into a calm, uncluttered place. Here are some simple tips from the Professional Organizer in NYC to help you tackle the bathroom clutter.

  • Go through your cabinets and drawers and throw away any item that is expired or that you just never use. There’s no point in saving a bottle of lotion that you don’t use because you might use it someday – save that valuable space for a product you use daily!
  • Remove items that don’t belong. Get rid of all the clothes, shoes, toys, or miscellaneous items that have found their way into the bathroom.
  • Sort like items with like items. Keep all of your hair accessories together, all of your skin care items together, etc. Next time you are looking for a bobby pin, you’ll know exactly where to look.
  • Store the items you use daily in an easily accessible place. You can store the hair straightener or other items you use less often in the harder to reach areas under your sink.
  • Create storage. Utilize the drawers and cabinet space under the sink to store items. However, sometimes that is not enough if you have a small bathroom. You can install shelves to create more space or add a small rack above the toilet.
  • Don’t crowd your counter space. Often the space around the sink is not very large, so use that space for items like hand soap. Install small towel racks to hang your hand towels. Relocate your toothbrushes and toothpaste into a cabinet, which will also help keep your brushes clean!
  • Don’t buy every self-care item on the market! It can be hard to walk past a great lipstick sale and not splurge a bit. It’s okay to do so, but you need to make sure you have the space. When you bring in a new item, make sure to get rid of an old item that you no longer use.
  • Clean up daily. Sounds simple, but it’s often easy to let piles of clothes and hair supplies stay put at the end of a long day. This is how you get stuck in the clutter trap! Take some time and put all of your items away, clear out the clothes, and enjoy your beautiful bathroom!

With these simple tips from the Professional Organizer in NYC, you’ll be enjoying your clutter free bathroom in no time!

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