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How To Improve Your Reception Area

An attractive, organized reception area is a necessity; it keeps your customers happy and positions your business in a positive way. In tumultuous times, like this pandemic, it’s more important than ever to consider the safety and general well-being of your customers and employees, further solidifying the importance of your waiting area.

These quick, simple tips on how to improve your reception area will help you organize, update, and beautify this important space.

Alter Your Layout

Does your layout feel cluttered or less efficient than it could be? If so, switch things up!

To facilitate social distancing, leave 6’ of space between each chair. Sitting elbow-to-elbow with a stranger isn’t particularly comfortable, nor is it sanitary. Your customers will appreciate the additional space.

With the current situation, there are limited to no amenities. If you provide visual amenities, such as a television or fish-filled aquarium, ensure your guests can see them as well.

Most reception desks aren’t easily moveable, but files, supplies, chairs, and other important objects can be re-located. If it’s troublesome to find or access frequently used items, have your employees reorganize their space. Labeling drawers, cabinets, and folders makes it easy to know where items are kept and where to return them if they are misplaced.

Go Green

Foliage, wood, and other nature-based materials are revered for their calming qualities and crucial wellness benefits. Plants and wooden decorations are perfect for sprucing up your reception area—they’ll give the space a relaxing, friendly, and aesthetic appearance.

Consider low-maintenance asparagus ferns, spider plants, and the signature English ivy. Of course, the amount of natural light is also an important factor in selecting plants.

Wooden decorations can come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. You can purchase wooden coasters, wooden paneling, or even wooden furniture, such as tables and chairs.

Get Things Organized

Another way to improve your reception area is to keep it well maintained and organized. Daily sweeps through the space to remove the excess clutter are key as is clearing the desk at the end of each day. Once this is done, it will be easier to clean the desks, floors, and tabletops in the area. These tips for cleaning your office reception area should help you keep the space very presentable.

Digital Is Key

There are several ways you can digitize your reception area. Easily accessible Wi-Fi will allow your guests to check in with their offices and handle other business while waiting.

For the sake of simplicity and sanitization, consider installing a digital sign-in system. It diminishes the need for face-to-face interaction and is safe, secure, and quick. Of course, steps should be taken to sanitize this system.

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