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How To Plan an Effective Office Relocation

As your company grows and things change, it may become beneficial to move to a new location. Moving can take your business to a whole new level, but it requires a lot of effort and proper planning, so the move doesn’t have a negative impact on the company. The best thing you can do if you’re trying to move is learn how to plan an effective office relocation.

Set Your Plans

The first part of your plan should be setting up a timeline for the move. This timeline should include more than just the moving date; you should have dates for all the tasks to be done prior to and post move. Make sure to set a budget for the move that covers things like cleaning supplies for the old office.

Start Your Move Early

Now, the timing of your move is very important, as the more time you give yourself before the move, the fewer problems you’ll have as you near the actual moving date. Starting the planning process 3-6 months before the actual move date is recommended. Larger offices may need more time because they have more to organize, clean and move. 

Who’s in Charge?

To begin with, assign one member of your company to be charge of the move. This person will represent your company and should have the authority to make decisions regarding the move. This will help keep everyone organized and speed up the process, as the designated move leader won’t need constant approval from others for small decisions. At the same time, you should form a team that works with them and facilitates the moving process.

Plan a New Place

The next part of the plan is setting up the new office once it is ready. This is something you should have your new moving coordinator and team work on, as organizing the new space and making sure everything is working will take a lot of hard work and time.

Contact Service Providers

Reach out to service providers in the area around your new office for new services that are needed. In addition, contact your IT company and other vendors to set up all  amenities that are essential. At the same time, reach out to your old providers and set the date for when you can stop the services you use in the old office. This is a great time to also find some movers for the office moving days, as you want the best movers you can find without rushing the process.

Inform Customers and Clients

The last thing you should do before moving offices is inform your current and incoming clients and customers of your move. Giving them advance notice warns them about the potential days off, closings, or delays they might encounter because of the move.

This guide on how to plan an effective office relocation should be everything you need for a smooth transition into your new place.

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