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My Favorite Office Move Strategies

There are few events that are quite as stressful as moving… and that rings true especially for an office move! The process can be overwhelming with so many moving pieces, which is why it’s so important to have an organized office move plan in place. As a NYC Professional Office Organizer who specializes in office… Continue Reading »

Tackling an Office Move – Part 4: Packing

We’ve talked about the first three steps of the office move – preparation, general office clean out, and administrative tasks. Next up is the 4th phase – it’s time for packing! As with each phase of the moving process, communication and delegation is key. These steps from your NYC Professional Office Organizer will help you… Continue Reading »

Tackling an Office Move – Part 3: Administrative Tasks

We’ve talked about part 1 of the moving process – preparation, and part two – general office clean out. The next step is tackling the administrative tasks. These are important steps that need to be done before moving day. By making sure to delegate and tackle these administrative tasks in advance, you can focus on… Continue Reading »

3 Common Office Move Mistakes (and How to Fix Them!)

Moving your office can bring with it a whole new set of challenges…some that you may have anticipated as well as the unexpected. Here are 3 common mistakes that you want to avoid making during your next office move. This NYC Professional Office Organizer is providing you with the solutions so that your office move… Continue Reading »

Tackling an Office Move – Part 2: General Office Clean Out

This first phase of an office move is preparation. The second phase is a general office clean out. Before you can start packing, there are steps to take to make the packing process go smoother and easier to organize. By devoting time to cleaning out the excess that has collected, you’ll ultimately save yourself and… Continue Reading »

Overcoming ADHD Challenges During an Office Move

Preparing for an office move is sometimes overwhelming and often complex. When you are living with ADHD, an office move can be even more challenging. By implementing office organizing strategies that keep you on schedule and focused, you can manage your ADHD and get your moving goals accomplished. Here are some simple office moving strategies… Continue Reading »