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How To Take the Stress Out of Office Relocation

So, you’ve chosen a new office space and have started the packing process. You may begin to feel overwhelmed by how much you have left to do, but luckily, there are strategies to make that move easier. Learn how to take the stress out of office relocation and take a deep breath as you look… Continue Reading »

How to Organize an Office After Moving – Case Study

My client had been in their office space for many years. Over time, there had been many changes and ultimately there was a staff of 3 in a space meant for 3-4 times that many.  It was well past time to downsize. The next step was moving from this much larger space into 2 adjoining… Continue Reading »

Six Handy Packing Tips for Office Moves

No matter where you’re moving your office to, be it out of your home or to an office building across town, you want to be sure to take good care of the contents of your office. Everything you use throughout your workday is important, and you want to ensure everything arrives in its original condition…. Continue Reading »

Time to Pack! Staying Organized During Your Office Move

Here’s the truth – packing up your office for a move is a HUGE task. Beyond just the amount of items that need to be packed, the real important piece is to pack in a strategic way so that you can maintain a level of productivity. Just because you are moving doesn’t mean that all… Continue Reading »

Strategies for Efficiently Unpacking After an Office Move

When you enter your office as the mover is unloading the last of the boxes, all of the work still to be done can seem very overwhelming. The next item on your office move checklist? Unpack. In order to get back to work, a productive workspace is necessary which means you must be box free… Continue Reading »