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How To Take the Stress Out of Office Relocation

So, you’ve chosen a new office space and have started the packing process. You may begin to feel overwhelmed by how much you have left to do, but luckily, there are strategies to make that move easier. Learn how to take the stress out of office relocation and take a deep breath as you look forward to your brand-new office space.

Collaborate and Brainstorm

You’re not alone in this endeavor, so ask your staff members for input. They have valuable insights that you may not have considered. How do they work most productively? Enlist their help in designing an office configuration and floor plan that best meets their needs. Assemble a project management team; moving requires management, even if it’s not directly related to what your business does.

Pack Smart

Focus on all the non-essential items first. As you pack away office décor and coffee machines, you may find some junk—broken items, things you haven’t used in a year or more—that you can easily throw away. Now you’ve got less stuff to move!

Save all the computers and heavy equipment for last. That way, your staff members can continue to work during the transition period, and you’ll have a cleaner, roomier space when the time comes to do the heavy lifting.

Hire Professional Help

Speaking of heavy lifting, how does your office furniture look? Take stock of your desks, chairs, and other heavy items. If any of those chairs feel rickety, or you know you’ve got some broken or otherwise unusable furniture stashed away, it’s time to toss it out. Don’t bring unsafe equipment into a new space! There are many ways to dispose of broken furniture; choose the most convenient option that works for you.

Settling into a new office is like hitting a refresh button, and despite the transition period, you don’t need to fret or worry. Remember these pointers on how to take the stress out of office relocation and view the project with fresh eyes. Be smart and efficient, and you’ll find that hitting that refresh button can be fun!

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