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How to Tame Home Office Clutter – 3 tips

If the home office clutter has gotten out of control, it’s time to tame the chaos. The clutter is not only distracting, it can also be responsible for wasted time. Both of these can be an issue when you’re trying to balance working and managing your household. Here are 3 tips for regaining control over home office so that you can get more done each day.

1. While the cords under your desk are out of sight, the pile of wires is still unsightly. That issue aside, the real problem is when there’s a problem with the computer, lamp, phone, or other items on your desk. Trying to identify the correct cord can be like untangling a plate of spaghetti. Spending a few minutes organizing the cords, tying them off and labeling them, will ultimately be time very well spent.

2. If you are using a computer table as your desk, there are challenges as there are no built-in drawers for storage. In addition to using a vertical desk organizer or in tray on your desk for paperwork or your to-do list, you still have essential office supplies like pens, pads and post-it’s cluttering up the desk. Creating an under desk drawer provides an essential storage space for those supplies that are needed daily.

3. The lack of storage or filing space is a challenge that can contribute to home office clutter. Not having a definitive home for paperwork that needs to be kept or frequently used supplies is the problem. A simple solution like a clear stackable bin can be an easy fix as they come in different sizes so there should be one that’ll fit your needs.

What products are you using to manage the home office clutter?  If you have a solution that is working well, share it  with me.

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