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Is Getting Organized on Your List?

I hope that you are beginning this new year with a feeling of optimism and keeping up with the longstanding tradition of making resolutions. Many people, myself included, identify areas of their lives where they would like to make changes. As an organizing and productivity consultant, I’m always interested in learning which resolutions make the top of the list. Getting organized has made the top of the list in many of the past years.

The top resolutions on many of the lists this year are a reflection of 2020 and its impact on our lives. They include:  Exercise More (which is one of my resolutions), Save money and Travel more (also one of my resolutions).

While getting organized didn’t specifically make the top 3 this year, it is still on the list as you will have to sharpen your organizing skills in order to achieve the goals associated with each of these resolutions.

For example:

-Organize your calendar and manage your activities to make sure that time is set aside for biking, zumba or walking on a consistent basis multiple times each week. I block time twice a day.

-It will be important to assess your financial situation to figure out the best way to save money. This starts with organizing your financial information -paper or digital- so that you can better assess your financial situation and create a plan.

-With the uncertainty regarding when it will be safest to travel, you may need a Plan A & B.  Organize your thoughts into a plan and create a timeline detailing major decision points so that you can be proactive and pivot as needed. 

I wish you much success in achieving your resolutions. Keep in mind that whatever changes you are trying to make will ultimately improve your life. Stick with it as the benefits will be well worth the effort.  This is what I tell myself on those days that I don’t feel like exercising!  What are your resolutions?  Share them with me.

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