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Keep the Organizing Solutions Simple

Simple Home Organizing SolutionsWhen I am working with clients to get their offices, homes or paperwork organized, I always stress that the systems that we create need to be as simple as possible so that they will be easy to follow and remember.  As the solutions that I create usually involve learning a new behavior, it is especially important to keep the solution very straight forward.This is something that has proven effective through my years as a Professional Organizer in NYC when I encounter past clients who still use the systems we put in place years ago.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to recall step 4 of a 10 step process to file away a bank statement.  If someone designed a system like that for me, I would also start collecting the statements in a bag instead of attempting to file them.  I would prefer to have clients focusing on practicing a 3-step solution daily so that after a 2-3 weeks, it has become part of their regular routine instead of getting all stressed out about their inability to remember all 10 steps of a process.

While it is very common to over complicate the solution to a problem, try to avoid doing so by taking a step back and critique your proposed solution prior to implementing it.

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