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When Do You Know That You Need to Hire an NYC Professional Organizer?

• Today it took you 20 minutes to put your hands on the folder that you needed for an important meeting thus making you arrive late and flustered.


• You bought file folders, copier paper and other sundry office supplies only to locate a pile of these very items sitting in a box in the back of your supply closet.

• You have a sinking feeling each time you walk into your office and see your desk and the piles of paper and folders perched on pretty much every surface in the room.

Sound familiar?

If so, then yes, you need to consider hiring a NYC Professional Organizer! Here’s why:

A NYC Professional Organizer will help you:

• Assess what you have and help you to make the hard decisions about what should be retained and what should be discarded.

• Determine the optimum systems that will be in sync with your specific work style. Be confident that there is no cookie cutter solution. NYC Professional Organizers know that everyone works in a different manner and they will take that into account when developing time efficient work flow systems and solutions for you.

• Analyze your physical space and create order and harmony working with the furniture and equipment that you have or, make suggestions on what you should purchase.

It sounds great, right? So why is it that some people hold off on hiring an NYC Professional Organizer?

• You’re embarrassed to reveal the “mess” that is causing you to feel overwhelmed and discouraged.

  o Well sure it can be a bit embarrassing to let a stranger into your “inner sanctum” and see what you feel to be a complete and total “mess” but you need to think about it this way: They’re professionals and are not going to make any sort of value judgments about your situation. They understand that it is their JOB to make things better. After all, that’s why you hired them, right?

• You are nervous that the NYC Professional Organizer will “make you” get rid of things that you wish to retain, whether for sentimental reasons or for any other factors that you might not wish to share.

 o At the end of the day it’s important to remember that a professional organizer won’t force you to discard your possessions. Their job is to help you make the best decision based on your objectives, available space and budget concerning how/where to store items that you wish to retain.

• You think that it will take too much time to go through everything and you simply have neither the time nor patience to do so.

 o Once a NYC Professional Organizer has a thorough understanding of your unique situation, they’ll be able to estimate how long the work will take.

Remember that they are there to ultimately help you win back the time that you have been losing when searching for things.

• You’re uncomfortable about working with a stranger and sharing so many personal habits.

o Once again, your NYC Professional Organizer will understand this concern and has probably addressed it many times in their career. Choose a professional organizer with whom you feel most comfortable keeping in mind that he/she will not share any information concerning your identity or specific situation with anyone.

So really, don’t wait a moment longer. Take the first step and check out the NAPO website, ask a friend who they might suggest, or reach out to us! The sooner you act the sooner you will take back your space and your time!

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