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Labeling: A Simple Solution With Many Benefits


labelmakerAugnewsMost of us have “things” stored in various places. Folders and files, canisters and crates – we are seemingly programmed to put our “stuff” somewhere. Being organized is important to a happy, healthy life. And sometimes it’s as easy as using a label and then being sure to share the location of important items with all who need to know.

Here are the very important benefits of labels from this Professional Organizer in NYC:

Saves time from looking everywhere
A label immediately identifies what something contains, saving you the time it takes to look through files, containers and more to uncover the contents. What’s in that jar (and how old is it)? Where did I file this year’s tax documents? The label you produce can even include relevant information including “use by” dates and more.

Helps you know where to put things
Labeling provides you with a roadmap of where you should put your “stuff.” When shelves, folders, drawers and cabinets are labeled, you know exactly where to store items and more importantly, so do your family members, co-workers and other people that touch your “stuff.” Without labels these folks can put items pretty much anywhere, causing much anxiety when things can not be located.

Promotes and maintains family and office harmony
Honey, what’s in this container?
Ms____________, I can’t find the folder you need. There are no labels on anything.
Family and co-workers can interrupt you all through the day and evening asking you to identify items or help them to locate something. These disruptions are a real drain on productivity especially when they occur at a regular frequency.

It’s really all about the labels. They can help you to make sense of what you have and keep control of personal and work related items. There are many labeling machines and most are not costly. In addition, label tape is available in a variety of colors and widths thus making it very easy to customize the labels to a specific situation. For instance, I recently used yellow labels for a client so that the tabs on her accordion folder would stand out.

Labeling takes seconds, can be a creative process and even if you don’t like the process, this Professional Organizer in NYC can guarantee you will like the results.

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