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Looking Back: The Organizing Zone’s NYC Professional Organizer’s Top 5 Tips of 2013

Throughout 2013 our NYC Professional Organizer devoted a lot of her time and expertise to enhancing the lives of others through greater organization. Posts shared on this blog, as well as on The Organizing Zone’s Facebook page, Twitter account, Google+ page, and LinkedIn profile were meant to inspire others with smart tips, tricks, and real life examples of getting organized. Since you may not want to take the time to revisit those pages and posts, we’ve compiled our list of the top 5 tips of 2013 from our NYC Professional Organizer here at The Organizing Zone:

  1. organize save money, professional organizerSaving Money by Getting Organized – Donating your unwanted furniture, clothing, books, appliances, toys and office equipment helps you to declutter and receive a nice tax deduction at the same time. Even better, you help others – and the environment – by passing along things you no longer use. Even more than that, by having your pantry, office supply closet and dresser drawers organized, you can easily tell what you have and what you need to buy. Avoid wasting money – and time – buying doubles, or even triples, of items you already have. Finally, by implementing our paper filing tips to keep your mail and bills organized, you’ll be able to pay your bulls on time, preventing the costly late fees that often result from keeping a cluttered stack of mail.
  2. A Simplifying Tip – Don’t be afraid to say no. “No” isn’t a bad word, and it is necessary to use at times – exercise your right to say no, so your schedule doesn’t become too overwhelming and you have time for the essential tasks already on your to-do list.
  3. Get OrganizedOrganizing Success – Be Creative.  One of the best kept secrets of professional  rganizers in NYC: there is no right or wrong organizing system or solution.  You can be as creative as you would like when identifying a process, storage location and/or storage container.  In order to ensure your selections are the right ones for you, determine if you like them and if they work for you as well as you anticipated.
  4. Organizing your Collections – Remember that collectibles should be items you enjoy having in your home. If you find that they start to look and feel like clutter, or that you dread cleaning and arranging them, our NYC Professional Organizer says, it is time to re-assess your objectives.
  5. organizing your collectionA Key to Spring Decluttering – A key decluttering tip is to divide the room down into smaller areas or zones so that it’s not so overwhelming. Rather than decluttering your entire kitchen, start with a utensil drawer or spice cabinet. Tackling your entire office is daunting. Begin by putting some of our paper filing tips to use in your inbox or decluttering your desktop.

We hope you can utilize a tip or two from this list to organize your life and make the most of your space and time. If you would like help creating a custom list of organizational tips for you and your family or business, please contact our NYC Professional Organizer today.

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