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Making Your Getting Organized Resolution a Reality

Do you like to start the year off on a positive foot by enthusiastically stating your resolutions just as the new year begins? Are you also like many…throwing in the towel well before you are anywhere near achieving your goal? As getting organized typically ranks in the top resolutions each year, this issue is top of mind. I was considering the obstacles that could be the problem with making your getting organized resolution a reality and wanted to share the following suggestions. These concepts could also be applied to your other resolutions like exercising more and losing weight.

Have a Clear and Specific Goal

Your office or home could be more cluttered than normal after the holiday festivities where your focus was on catching up with family and friends. The question is where to start. Identifying a specific area or room instead of your entire home or office is the way to go. Once you have a starting point, commit to getting the job done within a specific period of time. If there are numerous spaces that require attention, prioritize them based on frequency of use or importance to daily life.

Where to Start

So, you have a clearly defined goal….and you’re now looking at a really cluttered home office. This can be overwhelming and make you want to turn and run. Finding a small, easy task as your starting point will go a long way to combating this. It could be the small pile on the right corner of your desk. Or the empty Amazon boxes by your chair. The objective is to get started so you start to see the results. The clear floor and desk top will be very motivating and help you stay focused on getting the job done.

Create New Habits

As you are tackling the clutter, you are finding documents that need to be kept, UPS deliveries that need to be unpacked, bills that need to be paid, etc. This is not only the time to take appropriate action to clear your space. It is also time to get back into routine and revisit habits that had served you well. In addition, it may be time to create some new habits like unpacking deliveries within 24 hours of receipt. The bottom line is that habits (in addition to systems) are needed to maintain your space. Hence, keep this in mind so that your getting organized resolution will become a reality.

I hope that these tips help set you up for success as you kick off the year with high hopes of making your getting organized resolution a reality. If you need an additional tip or two, let’s talk.

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