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Misconceptions About Working with a NYC Professional Organizer

Working with a NYC Professional OrganizerIt’s natural for us to be curious about others’ professions. We may get glimpses into their jobs when we work with them or through the media, but we never truly know how they operate. I find that this is very much the case when prospective, or event current, clients ask me about my process. I find that there are a number of misconceptions about professional organizers in NYC, which are only made worse by reality TV shows focusing on organization and decorating. Here are the most common misconceptions about professional organizers that I have encountered, along with my response to them.

1. A NYC Professional Organizer will make me throw everything away.

a. This is one that I hear a lot, and it couldn’t be more false. The goal of a NYC Professional Organizer is not to eliminate as many of your possessions as possible. Far from it. My goal is to help you identify which items you value the most, want to keep and will fit in your storage spaces.   I will also help you implement systems that will allow you to ensure that the items that you do choose to have a specific home.

2. I can’t work with a NYC Professional Organizer if I’m not neat.

a. This is another common fallacy. You don’t need to be naturally neat, or even have a natural need to have everything put away, in order to benefit from working with a NYC Professional organizer.  I’ve helped a wide variety of clients with differing habits, from those who desire having a place for every object to those who are naturally more relaxed with their organizing, preferring to simply have everything at hand. I tailor my organizing systems to my clients’ distinct styles to ensure that they will be able to comfortably maintain them.

3. A NYC Professional Organizer will yell at me.

a. Professional Organizers in NYC are much more sensitive to our clients’ needs than you may believe. Personally, I do not pass judgment on my clients or their spaces in need of organization. My style involves creating a patient and relaxed environment for less stressful and more effective organizing.

4. I’m sure that my space is the worst mess you’ve ever seen.

a. This may or may not be the case. I tend to assess a project and the probability of success not by the state of the space at the time but by the client’s desire and willingness to address the organization issues. If you are ready to get organized then I am ready to work with you!

Now that we’ve cleared up some of these misconceptions, perhaps you’ve changed your mind about professional organizers in NYC. If so and you are ready to get started, call me for a consultation and we’ll begin working together to develop and implement systems that will work best for you.

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