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My Favorite Things Include Organization

As I was setting my goals for this quarter, I started giving thought to my favorite things. After all summer is the ideal time to slow down. There should be plenty of time to enjoy those activities and items that put a smile on my face and contribute to my positive outlook. With this state of mind, it is easier to tackle the ups and downs of daily life. My favorite things include organization. Here are my top 5.

  • Order over chaos…. which is no surprise. I enjoy the benefits of being organized…less distractions, being able to find stuff quickly, calm… that come with everything in its place. I do love to shop but always make sure that my soon-to-be new possessions have a home before I leave the store and are put away upon arriving home.

  • My orange sneakers. As I frequently wear sneakers, I wear them out and typically buy two pairs a year. Hence, there is always a new choice of colors to select from. The color of my latest pair is sunflower orange. As I always associate sunflowers with a smiley face, my mood is immediately boosted each time I catch a glimpse of my feet.
  • Planting summer flowers. There’s nothing that I like better than to be surrounded by flowerpots of all sizes and shapes filled with colorful blossoms. I enjoy tending to the plants, nurturing them along and then marveling at the beauty of nature.
  • Afternoon tea at the café. I especially enjoy this time after an office day spent on the computer. It is my time to regroup and let my mind wander. As I sit in the outdoor café watching the people and traffic go by, I appreciate the energy and vitality that is New York City. This is contagious and after time outdoors I have a renewed focus.
  • Connecting with family and friends. I enjoy entertaining and there’s no better time than hosting a gathering. Having time to re-connect, share recent experiences and reminisce can fuel my positive mindset for weeks, if not months.

My favorite things include organization. What makes you happy and as a result contributes to a positive state of mind?  I’d love to hear… please share.   

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