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NYC Professional Home Organizer Helps You Put the Fun Back into Hosting Holiday Houseguests


As you’re certainly well aware, we are in the throes of the holiday season. With that, comes the pleasure, and sometimes the pain, of hosting holiday houseguests. Fear not! Our Professional Home Organizer in NYC is here to help make holiday houseguest hosting easy and effortless. All it takes is a little foresight and some organization…

Set Your Schedules

You and your guests will feel at ease if you can all get on the same schedule for their arrival. Try to nail down an arrival time as soon as possible, and assign someone the job of either picking up guests from the airport or train station, or being home to welcome them with open arms. If they are being picked up, determine a meeting location early on and come prepared to help with that extra holiday baggage. Mark these important dates, times, and locations on your family’s calendar and, if possible, schedule a reminder on your phone.

Think Ahead

Our NYC Professional Home Organizer recommends that you make and freeze as many meals and snacks ahead of time as possible. Breakfast casseroles and muffins are easy to make in advance, and will make putting breakfast on the table for your house full of hungry guests so much easier. Show your guests where you keep items to snack on and extra beverages, so they may help themselves. Check with guests on any food allergies or dietary restrictions to ensure there are no awkward situations around mealtimes. Learn of any food and drink preferences, and have those special items on hand for guests to enjoy. If you’re afraid there may be a lull in activity for you and your houseguests, pull out your family’s favorite movies and make sure you have a few board games and decks of cards on hand so that all young and old can participate.

Stage Your Space

Go beyond the typical clean sheets and bathroom routine for your guests this holiday season, and make them feel especially welcome by taking extra care in prepping. Whether you have a full guest suite, or you’re working with a simple pull-out sofa, our NYC Professional Home Organizer states that the basics are the same. Clear a space for their luggage, and, if possible, offer a bit of closet space for hanging clothes. Set out some reading material, and ensure extra towels, robes, blankets, pillows and toiletries are easily accessible. If space allows, a bottle of water and glass on your guest’s nightstand may be a welcome sight in an unfamiliar home in the middle of the night.

Applying these simple tips from our Professional Home Organizer in NYC will make this a most successful holiday houseguest season and make it one that you, your family, and your guests will appreciate. But, be aware… Your guests may never want to leave after experiencing your warm hospitality!

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