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NYC Professional Office Organizer Case Study: Creating a Dedicated Home Office

Working from home without a designated office space can be overwhelming! It’s difficult to stay focused and productive when you are leaving a trail of papers, reports and supplies in your wake as you move from the table to the sofa to the bed. Having a dedicated space solely for your business is essential, and that’s exactly what your NYC Professional Office Organizer created for this client.


My client, a Certified Image Consultant, had been using the living room and dining area of her NYC apartment as a dual office and living space. Piles of fashion magazines and makeup samples along with mail and marketing materials covered the dining table and part of the sofa. My client not only lacked a productive work area, she had to clear space each night to set the table for dinner with her family. In her case, there was another, much better option that had been overlooked. She had an extra room that she had started to set up as an office but just wasn’t suited to her current needs. Transforming this storage room into a functioning office that she wanted to work in became our goal.


Our first step in converting this room to the designated home office was to declutter it as it had become a storage room for both makeup inventory as well as household supplies. We removed all non-work materials and stored them elsewhere in her home. We then divided the room into zones and identified the types of tasks to be performed in each area. Consideration was then given to the type of furniture, supplies and equipment needed to support the tasks. Creating a productive work environment for my client also included establishing workflow strategies that would enable her to be more efficient in her new home office.


I transformed the storage room into a professional working environment for my client, so she could easily and effectively manage her business. The closet is now used to store makeup products, there is a makeup station where she could demo samples on her clients, and she can easily and quickly access files, reference materials and the printer when seated at her desk. This office is now both efficient and aesthetically pleasing, and my client hasn’t had to work on her dining room table since!


“Now that I am working in my office—formerly my storage room—I can only say that the feeling I have is one of luxury—the luxury of reaching out to retrieve something without searching, stepping over, and digging out. While there was a lot of hard-work involved, it was absolutely worth it. I would highly recommend Stephanie Shalofsky to anyone who has an organizing challenge.”

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