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NYC Professional Organizer Prescribes a Solution for a Cluttered Medicine Cabinet

organized medicine cabinetLast week our NYC Professional Organizer revealed how getting those small spaces in your home organized can make a big difference in terms of the overall look and efficiency in your home. Though we’re still focusing on a small space this week, keeping this area orderly means more than saving you a few minutes when looking for your belongings – it could save your life!

The RX for a Messy Medicine Cabinet

A cabinet full of expired prescriptions is potentially hazardous to your health. Thus, our NYC Professional Home Organizer states that you should clean and organize your medicine cabinet once per year, at minimum. Begin by checking all the expiration dates and safely discard anything that is past its date. There are a few things you should do before tossing any type of medicine:

  • Read the label of each medication to see if there are specific instructions on their disposal.
  • Check your local pharmacy and police department to see if they have a program to collect prescription drugs.
  • Visit the DEA’s website to determine the next National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day and to find a collection site near you. Hint: It’s today!

Once  you’ve properly disposed of the expired medications, move any items that are not prescription or over the counter medication, such as shaving cream, soaps, lotions, etc. to another location. The medicine cabinet should be designated for prescription and over-the-counter medications only.

Next, our NYC Professional Home Organizer recommends placing smaller items or those with irregular shapes, such as ointments, in trays or clear containers. Place medications that must be taken frequently in a location where you will see and access them with ease. If you have a number of medications you must take on a weekly basis, consider using a pill organizer with erasable labels to save space.

Finally, ensure that you have the proper documentation for keeping your medicine cabinet up to date. Maintain a list of all the members of your household, their prescriptions, the number of remaining refills and their expiration date to prevent running out of important medications. For over the counter medicines, hang a dry erase board on the inside of the cabinet door to use as a shopping list and a reminder to take medications as needed.

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