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NYC Professional Organizer Reveals Spring Cleaning Secret: Organizing Small Spaces Makes a Big Difference!

organized-junk-drawerWhen assessing the clutter in your home, it can be easy to hone in on large areas like the entry way, or even whole rooms, but it’s the disorganization in the smallest of spaces that can be most problematic. How many times have you spent frustrating minutes (or hours) scouring the junk drawer for a lost pair of scissors or the bedside table for your reading glasses? Our NYC Professional Home Organizer reveals her secrets for organizing the small spaces to make a big difference.

Taking the Junk Out of the Junk Drawer

Ah the infamous junk drawer. We all have one. A place where the odds and ends that don’t have a true home make themselves comfortable. From screws and nails, to dried-up markers and take out menus, this drawers seems to be overflowing.

To get this drawer in order, our NYC Professional Organizer recommends starting from scratch. Remove all of the contents, wipe the drawer clean. Then throw away anything that is broken or no longer needed – like the take out menus for the restaurant that went out of business two years ago. Next sort out the items that you have used within the past year and know you’d like to keep. From there, decide what you’d like to keep in this drawer, such as pens, paper clips, household tools, batteries and other items that you’ll use with frequency.

Finally, set up a system for organizing these items using separated compartments, interlocking trays, or all in one pieces like the Everything Organizer. Creating distinct compartments makes keeping everything organized much easier.

Putting the Clutter in the Bedside Table to Rest

If we had to pick an area of the bedroom where the most clutter accumulates, the bedside table would be a top suspect. Between books and magazines, jewelry, clothing tags, lotions, and reading glasses, there are a lot of things we’d like to keep within arm’s reach of the bed – or just happen to discard there.

The first step to an organized bedside table is to choose the right piece of furniture. A nightstand with drawers is ideal, as it creates a space for all the items we tend to keep there. Next our NYC Professional Home Organizer tells her clients to throw away anything that’s broken and start moving items from the surface of the table into one of the drawers, being sure to keep like items together. Sort through your reading material and return any books you’re not planning on reading within the next few weeks to your bookshelves and donate those in which you’re no longer interested.

Ready to clear the clutter out of your small spaces? There’s no time like the present! You’ll be surprised just how much of a difference an orderly junk-free junk drawer and bedside table can make!

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