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NYC Professional Organizer Says Don’t Let Winter Get You Down!

winterbluesAs your NYC professional organizer, I don’t have to tell you that the days have gotten shorter and the weather colder, and while some people seem to remain cheerful in the face of winter weather, there are many that experience a case of the winter blues.

For most it’s not so bad or at least in the early winter. As we start to close the chapter on this year’s holiday festivities, recollections of all the good times had are still top of mind. But before you know it it’s January, the holidays are over and the cold and darkness start to take their toll.

While you can’t change the weather or increase the hours of daylight you can take certain steps to improve your mood and maintain your equilibrium. Here’s how:

Stay active. Sure the cold weather outside makes you want to stay indoors and preferably snuggled up under the covers, and while that sounds very appealing, it’s definitely not the best thing to do if winter tends to get you down. A better option would be to stay busy and integrate your work activities with various social engagements. Get out your calendar and start scheduling…. Movies, theater, dinner with friends, concerts, museums and lectures all provide an excellent distraction from the cold and will help to elevate your mood.

Keep the lights on. Keep the lights on when the days are cloudy and dark and if you cannot seem to “shake your winter blues” investigate the lights that are designed specifically for sufferers of “seasonal affective disorder.

Wear bright colors.  Bright colors are cheery and have a tendency to lift one’s spirits. Wearing clothes in vibrant reds, blues, purples and greens can make you feel more alive and energetic than if you are garbed solely in black, grey and brown. (C’mon, your NYC professional organizer knows you remember how great you feel in that turquoise sundress. Why not see if you can buy a sweater in a similar hue?)

Dress warm. There’s really nothing worse in the winter than being cold and there is truly no reason to allow yourself to feel that way. In the dead of winter making a fashion statement might have to take a backseat to protection and warmth however you can find some very fashion forward winter garments too. Hats, scarves and gloves aren’t optional and should be part of your daily outerwear as well.

Get regular exercise. Regular exercise will help you to stay centered and will help to stave off the blues. This is the time to explore that gym membership or develop an exercise routine that you can do at home on a regular basis. The value add from the gym membership is the social interaction that will be missing if you choose to workout at home by yourself.

Take a winter vacation. If possible schedule time for a winter vacation to someplace warm. It doesn’t have to be lengthy; even a long weekend will do. Warm water, tropical breezes and flowers can provide you with just the break that you need to keep your blues at bay.

There’s nothing that you can do about the weather but if you take some of these steps you should be able to improve your outlook. If you feel that you are experiencing a serious mood change it might be a good idea to consult your doctor to determine if you are suffering from “seasonal affective disorder” and to discuss what they can to prescribe for this ailment.

And here are some words of wisdom from your NYC professional organizer – sure it’s cold and the days are short but each day that passes brings you one day closer to spring.

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