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NYC Professional Organizer Shares Organizing Products

The annual NAPO Conference is the place for professional organizers from NYC and beyond to learn from other experts about all aspects of establishing and growing a professional organizing business. In addition, the NAPO Conference expo is a treasure trove of new and innovative products for organizing your office and home. This NYC professional organizer was particularly impressed with a few of these new organizing products:

  1. What’s that Paint? You’ll never have to guess at what’s in those paint cans you stored away for quick touch-ups later. These round, self-stick labels ($4.99 for five) affix to the top of a paint can so that you can include details on the contents – room/area where the paint was used, color, date, where it was purchased, etc. Order online:
  2. Space Bags from Ziploc can triple your storage space – and who couldn’t use more storage space? These reusable bags are airtight and watertight, and protect against bugs and mildew.
  3. Staples BETTER binder is a two-in-one solution for organizing and storing notes and documents. Use the binder to collect all the info for a specific meeting, project or event. Then, when you’re ready to file it away, detach the removable file rings and drop the all the contents directly into a hanging file rack. See how it works here.
  4. Vertical dual-tab file folders from Smead have tabs for labeling on both the top and sides of the folders, making it easy to identify and access the folders whether in your bag and on your desk. The file folders can also be used with a vertical file case, which allows you to store them upright – just the way you read them.
  5. Clever dry erase and chalkboard peel-and-stick wall decals and panels quickly turn any wall into presentation or artwork space. Great for taking notes in a conference room or for use in a child’s bedroom or play room. Check out WallCandy for more info.
  6. The Ampad Shot Note app lets you digitally store and organize handwritten notes and sketches, and you can access anytime or anywhere from your iPhone or computer. This is a great way to collect and share notes from group projects or discussions.

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