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NYC Professional Organizer Suggestions for Last Minute Holiday Gifts

It seems like even when we plan ahead like professional organizers in NYC suggest, we always need one or two last minute holiday gifts. Instead of relying on stand-by items like candy, wine or flowers, check out these NYC professional organizer suggestions for last minute holiday gifts with an organizing twist. The recipient will appreciate your thoughtfulness in giving a gift that results in making their lives easier and more organized.

Travel Dog Bowl – Perfect for road trips, visits to relatives or a day trip, this attractive bowl holds food or water and folds flat for easy packing. A leak-proof liner dries quickly so it’s easy to store away when not in use.

Cable Twisters – Take control of the cords and cables around your desk or entertainment center. These flexible organizers hold cables together and out of the way, and you can color-code your cables to keep track of what plugs in where.

Travel GRID-IT! – This unique organizer features lots of elastic straps to hold small items in place – iPod, charger, pens, flash drive and more. Strap your stuff in and it all stays put in your briefcase, backpack or carry-on bag.

Mini Emergency Kit – This tiny kit includes most everything a girl might need in case of emergency:  hair spray, lip balm, breath freshener, hair bands, earring backs and more.

Phone Bunjee – Tether your phone in your handbag or briefcase so you can quickly and easily reach it.

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