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Office Organizing Ideas from the Professional Organizer in NYC

screen-shot-2012-10-25-at-3-20-23-pmWhether you run a small business or work in a large corporate office, keeping your office space organized can be challenging. You need to spend your time working on productive money-making tasks, and often getting around to creating organizing systems for your office isn’t one of your top priorities. However, your Professional Organizer in NYC is here to tell you that it SHOULD be! Working in an inefficient space leads to a lack of productivity and creativity. With a few office organizing ideas, you can put systems in place and be well on your way to a more productive and creative office atmosphere.

As we dive in to office organizing ideas, we will take a look at strategies to control the office clutter with minimal time spent each day and some tips to help solve the issue of cord clutter.

First, let’s talk clutter control strategies. Clutter is not a fan of productivity, so getting it far away from your workspace is a must! But how do you find the time and where do you start? One of my best tips is that it truly doesn’t take a lot of time to get started! In as little as five minutes a day, you can implement these office organizing ideas that work. The first tip is to spend five minutes at the end of your workday to focus on your most important workspace: your desk. Remove anything that you don’t use constantly throughout the day like project files, stamps, candy wrappers, etc. If you aren’t using it constantly, it should live in your desk drawers instead of on the desktop. Then clean off the coffee stains and cookie crumbs from your desktop. Using just five minutes to clear and clean your desk, you’ll now be able to start the following workday with a clear and organized workspace where you can focus your energy on doing your best work. For more five minute office organizing ideas, read on here.

Tangled-cablesNext, let’s talk about the cord clutter. Though the plethora of electronic devices at our fingertips has had a positive impact on the way we work in a variety of ways, what is has also done is create tangle of cords and cables cluttering up our work areas. Beyond just the unattractive appearance of a pile of tangled up cords, it also can make switching devices or troubleshooting connection issues extremely complicated. So what do you do? First, if you require multiple electrical outlets for your devices, use double-sided tape to attach your power strip or surge protector to one side or the underside of your desk. This keeps them off the floor and gives you clear and easy access to all of the outlets. If you have multiple extension cords, you can braid them so they don’t get tangled. For more cord organizing tips, click here.

As you can see, office organizing doesn’t have to require hours of your time, and with a few smart strategies in your hands, you’ll be able to get your space clutter free in no time. When you need more help, this Professional Organizer in NYC is here to help you through it!

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