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Office Organizing Ideas to Help you Enjoy your Summer!

Summer will officially arrive in 2 days and with it a sense of excitement! You may be planning a vacation or a long weekend away from the office, which is well deserved after months of hard work. But before you can enjoy these beautiful summer months, you need to get your office organized. Start with these office organizing ideas from this Professional Organizer in NYC!

Do a complete clear out. Schedule time into your day to do a complete walk through of your entire workspace. Remove any items that are cluttering up space, that don’t serve a purpose, or no longer work. Clutter creates a feeling of being overwhelmed, which means you’ll be struggling to stay efficient in your workspace. That’s a recipe for long nights and weekends stuck in the office instead of out enjoying the sunshine! So take time to really remove those items that are just not needed.

Focus on your desk. Not only is your desk the focal point of your office, it’s also where you spend most of your productive time. Clear everything off your desk that isn’t needed every day. Keep only your computer, your phone, and an inbox and outbox (LINK to inbox post). The more efficient your workspace, the more productive you will be!

Clear your virtual clutter. If your goal this summer is to be efficient during the work day and enjoy your days off, then you absolutely need to take time to clear the virtual clutter in your life. Start by clearing your computer desktop. Create folders to store documents, making sure to be specific when labeling them. Schedule time for social media into your work day so that you don’t find yourself aimlessly scrolling through Facebook or Twitter and losing valuable time.

Work your schedule. Want to enjoy long weekends and shorter workdays? Arrange your schedule to support enjoying the summer months. Schedule meetings earlier in the day and avoid scheduling them on Fridays so you can wrap up your work day and week a bit earlier. As much as you might like to work outside on sunny days, it isn’t always practical or possible. So be sure at the very least to leave the office for a lunch break and mid-afternoon coffee break so that you can enjoy the sunshine and nicer temperatures.

Make organization a habit. The best way to be able to end your work day on a Friday and get out of the office to enjoy the weekend and the sunshine is to stay organized. You don’t want to be working late Friday night because you weren’t able to locate files you needed earlier in the week. Schedule time daily to file, declutter, and tidy up your space. At the end of each work day, clear your desk and look at your to-do list and calendar for the next day so you are prepared.

You can enjoy this summer, take vacations and long weekends, all with ease as long as you have a plan to follow your office organizing ideas in place. Want more office organizing tips? Reach out to your Professional Organizer in NYC!

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