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Office Organizing Tips to Declutter Your Desk & Email Inbox


UZSMsE5QClutter is the enemy of proficiency in your workspace. Disorganization certainly slows us all down and creates anxiety, and it’s hard to be productive in the office with those conditions! But how do we stop it? Today we are looking at two key pieces of the office organizing puzzle, your desk and your email. Both are important parts of your day-to-day work, and having a functioning and organized desk and email system will increase your productivity in the long run.

Here are some tips from this Professional Organizer in NYC on decluttering your desk and your email inbox.

The focal point of your office is most likely your desk space. That’s where you spend most of your time, so it needs to be organized so you can work efficiently. The first step in any decluttering project is to clear your space, so you’ll want to clear your desktop of everything except the basics, such as your computer and phone. The only items that should be on your desk are items you use all of the time. Utilizing the space inside of your desk and around your office to house those items not often used will free up your desktop space for actual work. For tips on how to keep your desk organized, keep reading here!

Another important part of your work day that may slow down your productivity is your cluttered email inbox. Email was supposed to be a convenience for communication, but it’s often a burden as we find ourselves buried by the enormous amounts of emails that come our way. To help tackle the email mountain, I’ve collected a list of top ten tips to help you out. The first tip is important – schedule a specific time (or times) during the day to process emails. This will keep you from being distracted every time a new email pops into your inbox. It is hard to stay productive and focused on a task or project when you are constantly stopping each time the alert sounds to read the new emails that will undoubtedly add tasks to your to-do list. By creating a schedule, you’ll be able to focus your work time on actual work, and your email processing time on sorting out the latest batch of emails. To read the rest of the tips, click here.

When your workspace, particularly your desk and your email inbox, are organized, you’ll find that they are working for you rather than against you. Your productivity, creativity, and efficiency will be positively boosted, and you’ll be happier working in your space. Office organizing solutions don’t have to be complicated, and this Professional Organizer in NYC urges you to utilize these office organizing tips as the benefits are significant!

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