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Organize NYC Office Paperwork – Case Study

Getting organized frequently places in the top 10 on many people’s lists of New Year’s resolutions.  As a result, NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) has named January Get Organized Month, promoting the benefits of getting organized and the availability of professional office organizers in NYC and across the country to provide assistance as needed.  Among the benefits of reaching out for help organizing your paper clutter in NYC are increased productivity and being able to find documents when you need them.

These are two of the benefits that my client hoped to experience when she decided that a NYC professional office organizer was needed to re-organize her office.  If organizing office paperwork in your NYC office is on your list of resolutions, you will be inspired to get started after reading the following case study.

My client is the VP & General Counsel for a real estate management company and oversees staff in two locations.  As she is in a position that is very paper intensive, one of her objectives was to organize her NYC office paperwork so that she would have greater control over it. In addition, she wanted her work space to be less cluttered and better organized.

Piles of paper and assorted items covered the desk and credenza.
The inbox was just another place to pile up paper.
No system was in place for monitoring the paperwork flow.
Documents for pending projects were scattered around the office.
Papers representing tasks to be done were mixed in the piles.

My client clears her desk each day prior to leaving the office.
The inbox is now a temporary holding place for all new incoming paperwork.
All current project paperwork is filed in the Active File drawer so that my client knows where to find it.
Paperwork representing tasks to be done is diverted to the appropriate to-do folder upon receipt.

“I went from piles and piles of papers on my desk, folders and notebooks all about the office, to an organized work flow system. The system simply de-clutters my office, and more important, has allowed me to be much more efficient and effective in my job. I know where everything is, and for a busy lawyer who heads up the department, that’s key.  It’s been about four months, and I have yet to go back to my old ways. I highly recommend Stephanie to any and all working professionals, especially busy lawyers, department heads, and high level executives.  Thank you so much for all your help — you are a genius!!”
– VP & General Counsel, Real Estate Management Company

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