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How to Make Decisions for Filing Paperwork

I frequently hear about the challenges regarding filing paperwork when working with my clients. The issue comes down to deciding what to keep when they organize paperwork. This is where the real problem lies. When they are faced with stacks of papers or overflowing file cabinet drawers, the situation becomes very overwhelming. Even when they… Continue Reading »

Organize Office Paperwork: Solutions That Work

I want to share a short success story. Last Friday, I was working with a client to organize office paperwork, including her tax receipts. This is the third year we have worked together utilizing organizing solutions to make sure her paperwork is in order for tax preparation. During our session, we needed to locate her… Continue Reading »

Organize NYC Office Paperwork – Case Study

Getting organized frequently places in the top 10 on many people’s lists of New Year’s resolutions.  As a result, NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) has named January Get Organized Month, promoting the benefits of getting organized and the availability of professional office organizers in NYC and across the country to provide assistance as needed. … Continue Reading »