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Organize Office Paperwork: Solutions That Work

I want to share a short success story. Last Friday, I was working with a client to organize office paperwork, including her tax receipts. This is the third year we have worked together utilizing organizing solutions to make sure her paperwork is in order for tax preparation.

During our session, we needed to locate her January 2012 credit card statement. Because she had taken the time to organize her office paperwork, she knew the statement was filed in with the 2011 paperwork that we had archived in an accordion folder last spring. We quickly located the folder, found the correct slot, and there it was!

Once my client put the accordion folder back, she returned with a big smile on her face and stated that she was soooo happy. Why? Because she knew exactly where to look for the statement, it was right where it was supposed to be and we found it in less than a minute. I love it when a system to organize office paperwork is effective and makes my clients’ lives easier!

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