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MDs Need Organization, Too – Office Organizing Ideas for a Doctor

Organize office spaceNow that the final phase of this project has been completed, the transformation that has occurred in this space is amazing.  My objective was to figure out how to best utilize all available space and create as much storage as possible.  These are solid office organizing ideas that I draw on repeatedly. In this particular case, we did this by retaining some upper built-in cabinets as the file cabinets fit perfectly underneath them.  These cabinets were ideal for storing binders, log books and appointment books.

All of the file cabinets and other assorted items have been moved into a space that was formerly a lab.  The 20 plus cabinets all fit in nicely, with plenty of room to open all cabinets at the same time and be able to reach into the far depths of each drawer.  As most of the cabinets fit along the perimeter of the space, there was an area in the center of the room for a row of additional cabinets which could accommodate future filing needs.

In order to facilitate the process of locating a specific file, we re-organized all of the files so that they were in chronological order by year, starting with the top drawer of each cabinet and working down. Lastly, all cabinets were labeled to identify the contents. It’s actually incredibly fun making use of solid office organizing ideas!

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