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Office Organizing Tips for Doctor’s Office – Supplies Returned

Office organizingGreat news yesterday….we were able to get the vendor to agree to pick up 5 cartons of surplus, unused medical supplies. Keeping only what you need on hand is one of my top office organizing tips – surplus often leads to clutter!   We now have some clear floor space to stack the cartons of outdated files that will be collected by the shredding company.  The sorting/purging of the file archive is well under way and is about 50% complete.  As this is a tedious process, it has been important to take regular breaks and set goals – two office organizing tips that I advise all of my clients to follow.  Based on the volume of files that are being discarded, the file retention policy should be reviewed and revised to incorporate the annual purging of files that no longer need to be kept (note to self:  be sure to discuss with client).

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