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Design Tips To Improve Productivity in Your Office Building

When considering how to improve efficiency in your office, your first instinct may be to look at the workflow process or how individual employees work within their departments. But the office building’s very design can play a role in your staff’s efficiency and effectiveness. Consider some of the tried and tested design tips to improve… Continue Reading »

3 Working from Home Challenges

Based on many accounts, many of us won’t be returning to our offices in the near term.  Life has settled into a routine based around working from home. There are challenges with working this way especially when you have more than one person in a household doing this. We all need home office space where… Continue Reading »

Heading out of town? Office Organizing Tips to Get You Ready

You can’t enjoy time away from the office if you are constantly stressing about projects that need attention and tasks that need to be completed. Vacation should be a time for you to relax, to de-stress, and to enjoy being with friends and family! Instead of worrying about the work piling up and agonizing about… Continue Reading »

Tips for Organizing Your Computer Files

Have you ever spent time frantically searching through your computer files to locate a specific document? Do you end up downloading multiple copies of documents that have been sent to you because you can’t find the original? If this has been you, then you need these office organizing tips to create a computer filing system. This Professional Organizer… Continue Reading »

Prepare for Vacation With These Office Organizing Tips

  Sometimes the greatest obstacle to taking time off for a weekend getaway or a family vacation is your job and its responsibilities. How can you leave work for a period of time? Will everything still run efficiently without you? How can you possibly enjoy time off if you are worried about the massive amount of work you’ll… Continue Reading »

Office Organizing Ideas to Get Holiday Ready!

So, it’s the holidays, and you’re going to be enjoying a little time off. That is, if you can get everything done at the office first! The push to get everything finished before holiday vacation can be extremely challenging, and so as your NYC professional organizer my job is to make it a little bit… Continue Reading »