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Organizing the Office Move – Case Study

My client, a local NYC non-profit, had scaled back operations and ultimately decided that they no longer needed their own office. In the most recent times, the office was only being used for storage. However, it still contained all the furniture, supplies and materials from when it was used as the headquarters for this non-profit. As my client was going to move out of the space, it was now time for organizing the office move.


This project was like peeling back the layers of an onion as there was a lot of stuff that needed to be sorted through and a limited amount would be kept. The office was jam packed with office supplies, promotional merchandise, outdated computer equipment, files, furniture and more. Due to the volume of items, a very systematic plan of action was needed to sort through all that had collected over time. At the same time, resources had to be lined up for recycling the e-waste and old books, donating usable materials, discarding trash, and removing the old furniture.


As like items were grouped together, the specific amount to be donated was evident. Plans were made to donate 57 containers of merchandise to Housing Works, 30 cartons of books to a local recycling company, and 2 truckloads of file cabinets, desk chairs and office supplies to Material for the Arts. Each time another layer of items was removed, our progress became more apparent. By the time the 2 hampers of old computers and electronic equipment were picked up, the only items left was the furniture and odd items that no one wanted. Once these were removed, the space was completely empty and broom clean.


“Stephanie Shalofsky’s efficiency and resources exceeded our expectations. She took over our office transition with the kind of dedication that only true professionals can provide. We are a non-profit and she helped us find ways to donate many of the items we no longer needed to other non-profits which felt great. She made sure to keep us updated throughout the entire process, understood the timely nature of our move and never compromised her work in adhering to it. Stephanie did a great job!” – Director of Operations

Organizing the office move takes lots of planning.  My move checklist can help get you started. If you need a specific tip, please reach out to me.

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