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How to: Organizing Tips for Outings with Kids – Part 1

organized diaper bag

Going anywhere with kids in tow can give any reasonably sane person anxiety. But – it doesn’t have to! Our NYC Professional Organizer knows traveling with kids (no matter the distance) doesn’t have to induce stress… All it takes is a little organization. Of course! A tiny bit of forethought and just a few moments putting our home organizing tips to good use before walking out the door can mean the difference between an outing filled with little disasters and an outing that can truly be enjoyable, and even productive, for all.

Part one of this two part blog series will offer some home organizing tips that will help you prep in the house to make your outings a success:

–          Select the best bag for the job

o   A tiny pocketbook or briefcase crammed with kid’s stuff just won’t do the job when traveling with little ones. Be it a few blocks or many miles, a well-chosen bag will make all the difference.

o   Whether or not the kids are still in diapers, a diaper bag may be just the ticket for your family. These bags typically feature all kinds of pockets and cases for anything you may need. Be sure to assign a “home” in the bag for each of the essentials that you always take with you. One of our best home organizing tips for parents is to keep this bag stocked with the essentials and store it in an easily accessible location so you’re always prepared!

o   When traveling with kids in strollers, make sure the bag you select easily attaches to the stroller, this can save many an achy shoulder and keep everything close by.

o   Consider who will be going on outings with the kids, and select a bag that will work well for everyone. If mom and dad both take the little one out and about equally, you may want to stay away from the pink floral concoction and choose a bag dad doesn’t mind toting.

–          Packing everything you’ll need without weighing you down

o   In the early days of parenthood it’s easy to get caught up in bringing along every little item your child may ever need. In the long run, this just won’t work. The key to packing a bag that will work for you without going overboard is getting strategic and bring only the basics.

o   You’ll be surprised how entertained your child may be with everyday happenings, don’t bring every little toy they have. Three favorites, each stimulating a different sense will do the trick. Try a small baby book, a rattle, and a stuffed animal.

o   It’s important to always bring along snacks – and think about meal times, and the likelihood you’ll still be out when hunger strikes the little one. Always keep nonperishable snack options in the bag for emergency situations.

We hope these first few tips from our NYC Professional Organizer will help to prepare you for those outings with child… Keep an eye out for the second and final installment in this series, set to publish next week with the remainder of our organizing tips for being on the go with little ones.

If you’re struggling to keep your home and schedule organized, reach out to our NYC Professional Organizer. She’ll work with your family to create solutions that stick for everyone!

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