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How to: Organizing Tips for Outings with Kids – Part 2

organized diaper bagLast week, we shared part one of the organizing tips for outings with kids, and this week we’re back to round out our list of smart solutions from our NYC Professional Organizer. Read below to learn the final home organizing tips and other tricks to help you prepare for being out and about with the little ones:

–          Packing everything you’ll need without weighing you down

o   For the babies, a couple of diapers, some wipes and a simple change of clothes will be a diaper bag necessity.

o   Either way, one of the home organizing tips we give parents to ensure that they always have what they need on hand is to create a list of diaper bag must-haves and keep it posted near their homes’ front doors. Review it in the minutes before you head out and ensure the basics from your list are all included in your bag.

o   Review the contents of your bag after each outing; being sure to replenish supplies while the mental list of what was used up is still top of mind.

–          Smart Scheduling for your Outing

o   In addition to organizing the bag for your outing, you’ll also want to organize the outing itself. Gone are the days of total spontaneity. Sure you may not be able to stay out from dawn until dusk doing whatever your heart desires, but you can ensure a very enjoyable outing for all by thinking ahead.

o   Here’s where another list comes into play… Consider all you’d like to accomplish while you’re out – and try to prioritize this list. That way, even if your little one steers the trip back home early, hopefully you’ve been able to take care of the top two items on your list.

o   Consider naptimes and your little one’s sleeping preferences. If your child is still stroller age and you’re lucky enough to have a good sleeper, you may be able to stroll through naptime and continue checking items off your list. If they’re not such a great sleeper when you’re out and about, take the day in stages, and plan outings and activities strategically, so you’ll be near home – and the little one’s bed – when it’s naptime.

–          Other things to consider when taking outings with children

o   Be flexible. Taking kids on outings will teach you many things in addition to being very organized, including patience and flexibility. Learn to go with the flow and alter your plans as needed in an attempt to keep everyone happy.

o   Be brave and “just do it.” You’ll never be an ‘outing with kids’ expert until you try it. Start small, with just a trip to the pharmacy or grocer down the street, and see how your little one does. Chances are, when you start taking them out and about when they’re young, they’ll be used to running around with you, and it’ll be the norm for them as they grow – and so will your outings.

So there you have it, our NYC Professional Organizer’s organizing tips to taking outings with kids. After reading down that list and thinking how it can work for your family, being out and about with kids doesn’t seem so scary, right? As with all paths to organization, this one takes just a bit of forethought and planning. And, we promise, you’ll have a great day with the little ones in your life!

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