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Organizing Your Closet like a Pro with Products Recommended by Our NYC Professional Organizer

organized closetEarlier this week we discussed the process of sorting through and storing your winter wardrobe. But what happens after all the coats, hats and boots are put away for the season? Answer: it’s time to reorganize your closet to suit your spring and summer items!  Our NYC Professional Home Organizer shares her favorite products to help maximize the space in your closet to help you eliminate clutter and find your essential spring pieces faster! Mix and match these pieces to best fit the configuration and size of your closet.

Storage Boxes: Shoes, handbags and past season pieces (such as sweaters and scarves) lend themselves well to stackable storage boxes. Be sure to use clear boxes or ones with labels that allow you to quickly identify the contents of each box. Underbed storage boxes are a great option for those who are tight on closet space, which is a luxury in NYC!

Overdoor Solutions: Our NYC Professional Home Organizer notes that many of her clients underutilize vertical space, especially in their closets. Make the most or your closet by employing over the door shoe racks or a hanging jewelry organizer.

Closet Rod Dividers: These small tabs can help you sort clothing based on your preferred system, whether it is by type, by season, by color, or by category. If you’re organizing a child’s closet, our NYC Professional Organizer notes that these are great to help them learn basic organizing skills.

Shelf Organizers: A number of types and sizes of shelf organizer can help you keep folded items separated and neat, organize handbags. Keeping your pieces compartmentalized on your shelves will help you get maximum storage out of the space without sacrificing accessibility.

Open Bins: Similar to storage boxes, open bins can help you store handbags or heavy sweaters. Our NYC Professional Organizer notes that they can even be used to sort laundry. In addition, the versatility in terms of shape and size, open bins give you endless possibilities in terms of customization to your needs.

These products will help you organize your closet to maximize your space, but it will only stay that way if you’re committed to using them! If you need help organizing your closet or creating a system to keep it that way, reach out to our NYC Professional Home Organizer for a consultation.


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