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Overcome Procrastination: 4 More Time Management Tips

I recently shared 5 time management tips for overcoming procrastination. As this is a challenge that many of us face, I wanted to share 4 additional tips with you. As a NYC professional office organizer, I share these strategies with clients so they are usually top of mind. Despite that, I periodically find myself procrastinating. So, it goes to show that we all need to be reminded of ways to tackle this issue.  Check out these additional tips.

Share Your Plan. There’s nothing like peer pressure to get us moving. Once you have committed to doing a specific task and scheduled time for it, share this information with friends, family or colleagues. Having to report your progress to others is extremely motivating and will help you get the work done.

Do Nothing.  For some people, the best strategy is a low key one. The task to be done is still on their radar so it won’t be forgotten. However, they don’t have a proactive plan. When they have finished everything else, they’ll address the task that they have put off doing. For them doing something is better than sitting doing nothing.  

Fear of Failure. We frequently will avoid doing a specific task because we have not done this type of work before. We aren’t sure how to proceed and are afraid of making a mistake.  It is key to remember that to learn and grow we must tackle new tasks even if we fail. Once we acknowledge this and recognize that the fear is part of the process, it is easier to get started.

Timing is Everything.  It is far easier to jump in and work on a task that you have been putting off for weeks when you feel good about yourself. Take advantage of those times where you have just received kudos on a job well done to get to work on a task that you have been avoiding.

Keep in mind that the most important action to take when your find yourself procrastinating is to find a way to get started. Try these strategies and see which ones work best for you.  For more time management tips and office organizing, reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer today.

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