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Post-Holiday Closet Organizing Lessons from Our NYC Professional Organizer

Closet clutterThe stockings have been filled, presents unwrapped and the feast eaten, but has the clutter from the big day been dealt with yet? If you’re like most of our home organizing clients, the answer is probably no. Though you may have recycled all the wrapping paper and put away all the new toys and trinkets we’re betting that there’s at least one area of your home that is more cluttered than ever: the closets. Whether you’ve filled them to the brim to get clutter out of guests’ sight or simply ran out of room after adding your holiday gifts, our professional home organizer in NYC is here to help.

Closet space in NYC is scarce, but there’s no need for them to be so packed with holiday gifts and other items that their contents become inaccessible. Our NYC Professional Organizer offers advice to help you tackle this holiday clutter and get back in closet control:

  • First, set aside gifts that aren’t your style or are in the wrong size to return or exchange. Be sure to take these back to the store as soon as possible so you don’t find them buried in your closet months down the line with the tags still on.
  • Assess each piece of clothing with a critical eye. Ask yourself a few questions: Have I worn this in the last six months? Does it fit? If I saw it in the store today, would I buy it? If you answered no to any or all of these questions, it’s time to let the item go.
  • Set aside all items you’re planning on donating in a designated bag. Our professional home organizer in NYC also recommends that you mark your calendar for the day you will dropping them off so the bag itself does not contribute to your clutter.
  • Remove any lingering spring or summer items and put them in storage as you will not be needing them for several months.
  • Group and hang similar pieces together: dresses, blouses, slacks, suits, etc. This will make it easier to find each piece you need when planning your outfits.
  • Get the kids involved too! Have them remove all clothing of the incorrect size and ask teens to donate last season’s trend that they haven’t worn in months.

We know that it’s easy to let your closet get out of hand during this busy holiday period, but you’ll feel a lot better after your holiday gifts have been put away and organized, making them easier to find later when you need them. And who knows, you may even find a few surprise presents you’d forgotten about!

Is this simple closet facelift not making a dent in your clutter problems? Contact our NYC professional organizer. She’ll assess your needs and help you implement a major closet overall and other storage solutions to get your clutter under control.

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