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Preserving Family Memories with 4 Home Office Organization Ideas


Preserving Family Memories

With Grandparent’s Day just taking place this past Sunday, you may be reminiscing about some of your special family memories. In fact, you may even be thinking about what to do with those old boxes of photos, or dusty picture albums, that you haven’t looked at in years, which are currently cluttering your home office space. Well, this Professional Organizer in NYC has some solutions to help you perfectly preserve those family memories while providing you with some ideas to help you organize your home office. Quit thinking about doing something with all those family mementos, and take some action with these 4 home office organization ideas for preserving your family’s memories…

Create a Memory Spot

  • This is one location where all of your “memories” can be neatly organized in a way to make it easy for you to manage and look back on. Confining your memory storage to this one space is a great way for you to clear the clutter, limit the amount of items that can be kept to only the really special ones and take steps towards complete home office organization.
  • Keep only the essentials – which could be anything from letters your great-grandmother wrote, to seashells from a special trip to the beach or even hand written recipes you now know by heart, but want the copy your mother-in-law gave to you. Do you really need all five copies of your little one’s preschool graduation announcement?

Digitally Organize Photos

  • This home office organization idea is a must do – and it may require the largest investment of time, but it’s worth it! Gather all of your old photo albums, shoe boxes of pictures, slides and even VHS tapes of home movies and get everything transferred to digital files, which can be easily managed and stored online, so you’ll always have access to them.
  • If you don’t have the tech savvy or tools to transfer these files yourself, don’t worry! Your local photo shop probably offers all of the image and video transfer services you’ll ever need.

File Family Favorites

  • As a NYC Professional Organizer, you can probably imagine my appreciation of files. And, yes, there should even be at least one file for your favorite family mementos to help achieve home office organization.
  • Perhaps this file (or files) would contain all of your “paper memories;” those hand written recipe cards, a file of irreplaceable letters, and certainly a file for your kid’s artwork. Just remember to utilize it, as these are the types of items that can quickly lead to organizational chaos if not properly stored.

Designate a Location to Organize New Mementos

  • Okay, so you’ve seen what to do with the old, now what to do with the new?!? Simple – go through that junk drawer, your kid’s hiding places, etc. to locate “treasures,” which your family would classify as mementos. This could be ticket stubs, especially sentimental greeting cards, a dried flower, the possibilities are endless!
  • Next, designate a container (be it a large jar, Tupperware container, old gift bag, etc.), and use it to contain all of these items… This is now the place your family should immediately put these items, and once full, should be edited down to only the most important items, which can then be placed in your memory file(s) and/or memory box.

Whether you utilize all or only one of these home office organization ideas for preserving your family’s memories, it will ensure a more organized life – and more accessible family mementos for you to enjoy next Grandparent’s Day when your family gathers and starts reminiscing!

If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer amount of mementos in your home office, don’t stress! Contact your Professional Organizer in NYC. We’ll help you identify the items that you must keep and others that you may let go and then assist in filing these special keepsakes.

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