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Prevent These Storage Container Mistakes with Help from Our NYC Professional Organizer

storage containersThe right storage container can make or break your organization systems. Whether you’re implementing home organizing tips or office organizing ideas, paying special attention to your storage solutions makes all of the difference. In the past, our NYC Professional Organizer has discussed how to choose the best storage containers for your needs. Now she’s revealing the top 5 mistakes people make with their storage containers that impede their organizing goals.

Mistake #1: Assuming that Storage Containers Automatically Lead to Organization

Simply having storage containers on hand does not create an organized space. Our NYC Professional organizer notes that you must take the time to identify your needs and goals and determine what type of organizational solution (shelving, drawers, a modular system, baskets… the options are almost endless) will work best. But more than that, you must be committed to following your organizing system and USING the storage containers you chose on a regular basis.

Mistake #2: Purchasing Your Storage Containers Without Planning First

One of our most important home organizing tips is to avoid impulse purchases – or even stepping into The Container Store – before planning out exactly what you’ll need. All too often our clients purchase a shelving unit only to find out that it’s too wide or tall for the space in which they need it. Planning beforehand prevents you from having to waste time returning items or building up clutter you can’t use.

Mistake #3: Overlooking Potential Organization Spaces

Don’t limit yourself to the obvious open spaces in your home or office. Our NYC Professional Organizer points out that spots like under the bed or desk, unused corners, the backs of doors, and the inside of cabinet doors can all be utilized, and storage solutions exist for each of them!

Mistake #4: Hiding Your Items While in Storage

Whether you’re putting last year’s tax documents in storage or packing up those winter clothes, clear containers are a must. It’s much easier to find what you need when you can see exactly what is in each bin. If you must use opaque containers, make sure they are clearly labeled on all sides so no matter how you pack them, you can easily identify their contents.

Mistake #5: Overfilling Your Containers

Overflowing baskets or shelves look only slightly neater than complete chaos. Plus, when your storage containers are over filled, you’ll likely have to remove each and every item to find what you need, wasting time and creating even more clutter! Sort your belongings and store them with like items, leaving some room in each container to make each piece accessible and allow for new additions.

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